What size dog door do I need For Small, Medium And Large Dogs?

What size dog door do I need?

One issue that you, as a dog owner face is when you seek to purchase a dog door for your house so that your dog can roam freely inside as well as outside your home. By giving him freedom, not only you increase his self-esteem, but you can also reduce issues related to his personal misbehavior such as housebreaking, excessive barking, scratching furniture, and destructive chewing. However, when purchasing a dog door, an owner like you need to ensure that your dog should feel comfortable when going inside or out, so the size of the door that you purchase is very important.

Further, you also need to check the quality and durability of the material used for the construction of the door. You also need to determine where you are going to install the dog door. Depending on the size of the dog door, you can install it in various places such as the French door, steel doors, sliding glass doors, wooden doors, stucco walls, windows, and screen doors.

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However, the first and foremost rule when you need to purchase a dog door is to measure the size of your pet dog, both the length, as well as width whether it is small breed dogs, medium-size dog breed, large and extra-large dog breed. This is because, you need to ensure that he or she is comfortable when going through the door, inside or outside. Some of the  typical  questions that are asked in this context are as follows:


  1.     What size dog door do I need for small breed dogs?

Every dog owner has their preferences when keeping a dog as a pet-related to breed and size. For example, there are many dog breeds such as Yorkies and Poms that are small and can be kept in a flat or an apartment and require small dog doors for going out and coming inside. However, the dogs from big breeds such as St. Bernard and Great Danes require not only a lot of space in the house but also the big dog doors.

According to various experts, when purchasing a dog door for your house, getting the dog door with the correct size and fitting it correctly is very important for the health as well as the comfort of your pet. This is because, if he is comfortable using the dog door while going out and coming inside, he will continue to use it every time. The best way to purchase the flap or the dog door would be to measure the height and the width of your dog and increase an inch over it.

For example, when you seek to purchase a dog door for a small breed dog such as Yorkies, you need to measure him or her height at the tallest point of the back, between the shoulder blade, and below the neck when he or she is sitting straight from the floor.

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  1.     What size do I need for a medium-size dog breed?

When you keep any animal such as a dog or a cat, the dog or cat door becomes an important accessory for the door of your home. A dog door enables your pet to go out and come inside as per their wish. In addition to that, a dog door also relieves their frustration and boredom by providing them the means to escape the confines of the home.

Due to this reason, you need to ensure that the size of the flap is comfortable enough for a medium-size dog breeds such as collie, bulldog, or a dalmatian. For example, the size and space of the flap always should be 1” more than the size and the width of the dog. The second thing you need to consider when you are installing the dog door is the space related to the step over. While installing the door, you need to consider how high you would install the dog door.

In this context, a step over can be defined as the space between the bottom line of the flap and the ground and it depends on the size of the dog. For example, the step over would be lower for medium dog breeds such as poodle and Siberian huskies, when compared to the big dog breeds such as Bullmastiff or a Dogo Argentino.

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  1.     What size of dog door do I need for a large dog breed?

There is no doubt that you love your dog and want to give every comfort for them that is available, one of them is to enable them to move freely between home and outside. This facility is especially more important for large dog breeds such as a German Shepherd or Doberman, as they can be very destructive if confined inside the home continuously for a large time period.

The best way to handle this is to purchase a dog door suitable for their size and install it. According to the experts, the size of large dog breeds measured between 21 to 31 inches and weigh between 21 to 35 kgs. Hence, you need to measure the length and width of your dog and then purchase the flap dog door accordingly. If you do not have any idea about this, then you can take the assistance of the company that specializes in this matter.

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  1.     What size of dog door do I need for extra-large dog breed?

Keeping a dog as a pet can bring you a lot of joy, but it is also a very big responsibility as you are fully responsible for its welfare. In this context, the dog door can be considered as a necessity for the welfare of the dog, especially when it is an extra-large dog breed such as Great Dane and St. Bernard that weigh over 55 kgs above and their length exceeds 35 inches. When you seek to purchase a dog door for these extra-large dog breeds, it is better to order customized doors after measuring the dog.

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