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Best Modern Cat Litter Box Furniture 2022 Reviews

Modern Cat Litter Box Furniture 

Cat lovers would know how they love and take care of their cats. They would go to any length to get the right stuff for their favorite pet. If you own cats, you might buy a litter box for your pet but eventually realize that the litter box looks awkward and doesn’t harmonize with other furniture. To resolve this problem, the manufacturers have brought modern litter box that looks like ordinary furniture and functions as a piece of furniture and acts as a litter box as well. They look elegant and perfectly fit in with the arrangement of other furniture in your house. If you are looking to buy the best automatic self-cleaning cat litter boxes 2022, just read this article.

Petsfit Pet House/Cat Litter Box Enclosure

modern cat litter furnitureAbout The Product This cat litter furniture looks so exquisitely designed that your guests would hardly notice it as a litter box enclosure.  This cat litter enclosure can be treated as a nightstand as well and it can be set at just about anywhere you please even if your living space is comparatively smaller. It is painted with non-toxic material and hence if your cat tends to lick the walls it would not create any harmful side-effect. Main Features

  • This cat litter furniture is a multi-functional product that acts as a nightstand, a side table, and a cat litter enclosure as well.
  • The door has a latch holding that keeps your cat from escaping. It requires training of only a few days to get your cat using it properly.
  • It is easy to assemble in just a few steps without the aid of any specialized tools.
  • This cat litter furniture is a decorative artifact and a litter box enclosure at the same time.
  • Some users complained of liquid sipping of the bottom.
Conclusion Cat lovers find themselves in a dilemma when they try to find a litter box that would effectively control litter scatter and at the same time, find a litter box that would not look awkward with the rest of the home décor. To address such concerns, modern cat litter furniture has been designed. They integrate the functions of a litter box enclosure and sturdy decorative furniture, rolled into one. They’re truly versatile and can be used as a side table, a nightstand, and a litter box at the same time.

Refined Cat Litter Box- Wooden Litter box Enclosure

ideal modern cat litter furnitureAbout The Product: This modern cat litter box furniture is a modern solution to one and all who are seeking a litter box that is multifunctional and can be used as a litter box and furniture as well. No one will suspect that it is actually a litter box, which is both sturdy and functional and completely matches in with your home décor. It redefined the way what a litter box should look like and it would not be an embarrassment before your guest. Main Features

  • This cat litter furniture is enabled with an internal plastic litter liner with high walls. It contains the litter completely and successfully controls the odor from spreading in the surrounding.
  • It is very convenient to clean the litter box.
  • The cat litter box furniture has reversible walls for the left to right entry.
  • It has rear slots that hold carbon filters that are a universal odor absorber. It is an effective management system for litter scatter and odor control.
  • It is lightweight and fits into any corner always aligning with the rest of the home décor. Looks Elegant Portable Affordable and Durable
  • Some customers complained that it is not stable enough

Internet’s Best Decorative Cat House & Side Table

best modern cat litter furniture boxAbout The Product If you are looking for modern cat litter furniture that would effectively manage the litter scatters and acts as a multifunctional side table, your search may well end here. It is a decorative cat house that acts as a nightstand, a litter box enclosure, and a side table at the same time. It is lightweight and portable and can be set up at any corner. The pet would get acclimatized to it with the training of just a few days. You might be interested to read the best hidden cat litter box furniture here. Main Features

  • The cat litter furniture that looks like a side table would just fit into your home décor and would never look like a litter box.
  • The cat door of this litter box cum side table is fixed with a decorative cat hole that allows your cat to access it at its convenience.
  • The cat litter furniture is a multi-functional cat house that may act as a side table, a nightstand, and a litter box enclosure.
  • It is lightweight and can be shifted anywhere as you please.
  • The hinged door to the litter box is not suitable for a larger breed of cats.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s the best cat litter box furniture enclosure?

The Refined Feline Refined Litter Box

The jumbo cat litter box refined feline litter box is a beautiful wood cat litter box cabinet that is both sturdy and immensely functional. It will match with your home decor and hides unsightly litter trays. The litter box is keenly constructed in ply with a high-quality poplar veneer. Refined feline litter box is the best litter box for picky cats. It’s an automatic cat litter premium box that retails for under $200


  • If you are looking for an extra-large cat litter box for multiple cats, then buy it as it is the best solution to your cat’s needs.
  • Internal plastic litter liner with high walls Contains litter for easier cleanup
  • This jumbo cat litter box has a top storage drawer
  • Reversible walls for left or right entry
  • External: 27.5″” w x 28″” h x 20″” d
  • Internal: 25″” w x 20″” h x 17″” d


  • Fits most Large and Jumbo size plastic litter trays
  • This premium cat litter box can hold large cats comfortably.
  • The expresso color gives it a cool feel and beautifies the room
  • Your cat enjoys a lot of privacy in the multi-level compartments.
  • You can access the litter trays through the cabinet-like doors


  • The bottom wood litter of this jumbo cat litter box is sold separately
  • Universal carbon filter not included has to be bought separately
  • Assembly required which is challenging
  • Tit is overpriced looking at the features.

  1. What’s the difference between a simple litter box and litter box furniture?

Cat lovers would buy the best product for their pets. But the problem with an ordinary litter box is that it looks awkward especially within an enclosed space. They can become an embarrassment in front of the guest. On the contrary, a modern cat litter box furniture would look like furniture and function as furniture, while performing the task of a litter box.

  1. How much space does a cat litter box take?

Cat litter box furniture is available in various sizes. Depending upon the size of your apartment you can choose the right size for your home. It would perfectly fit in any corner or beside the bathroom cabinet and would not evoke any visual pollution.

  1. Do you require to assemble litter box furniture?

Assembling the litter box furniture is very easy. It can be done conveniently in a few steps without the need for any special tools.

  1. Can you put some object weight on the top of the litter box furniture?

Some lightweight objects can be placed on the top of the litter box furniture. You can put flower pots and laundry on the table-type litter box furniture.

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