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12 Best Metal Heavy Duty Dog Crates 2022

Best Portable Metal Heavy Duty Dog Crates Reviews 2021

Some dogs test their crates during the time of aggression, anxiety, and sometimes pure show of power. Sometimes it happens that their power lets them pass through the standard plastic or wire crates. If your dog is powerful, it might happen that small wire or plastic crates won’t work out for them. You need a heavy-duty crate that can handle your pet’s power and aggression and also keep your pet safe.

We have gone through plastic and metal heavy-duty crates that can safeguard your pet and handle their strength. Powerful breeds of dogs require heavy-duty and sturdy crates. This is not the only concern because you also need to look for mobility concerns and several others. If you have such a pet, you don’t need to worry because we are here with a list of 12 best metal heavy-duty dog crates for all breeds.

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Our Top Picks According To Your Needs And Budget

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage – Premium Pick

Best Heavy Metal Dog Crate
Heavy Metal Dog Crate

If your dog is extremely powerful and shown his strength by tearing down the wire crates, then you need to purchase the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage to safeguard your dog. This fortified crate holds your dog with its enhanced durability and sturdiness.

ecoFlex Pet Crate – Affordable Pick

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates
Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates

If you are a person who likes everything to be eco-friendly in your home, you must check out the ecoFlex Pet Crate. This crate is a mixture of an elegant design that matches your décor and sturdy design built with eco-friendly materials.


Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Kennel – Cheap Pick

Best Plastic Dog Crate
Best Plastic Dog Crate

If you are looking for a cheap and portable dog crate, you should consider purchasing the Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Kennel. This is a medium-sized kennel that offers a carrying handle for enhanced convenience during traveling. It has a great ventilation system for an ample amount of fresh air to your pet.


ProSelect Empire Dog Cage – Best Overall With Single Door

About The Product

Best Heavy Metal Dog Crate
Best Heavy Metal Dog Crate

If your dog has shown power by chewing through a wire model or a plastic crate, all you need is the ProSelect Empire, Dog Crate. It has maximum durability to safeguard your dog.

An edge made of rounded 20-gauge stainless steel that is fortified with half-inch steel tubes keeps dogs securely contained. Welded joints add to the container’s toughness and overall strength of the crate. The steel’s hammertone finish gives it a dappled appearance, making it smoother and alluring than your normal wire cage.

  • Dimensions – 37 x 25.3 x 33.8 inches
  • Price – under 400

Main Features 

  • This ProSelect Empire pet crate is incredibly solid with fortified 0.5-inch width steel cylinders and 20-gauge steel.
  • Dual door latches safeguard your dog and also resists the rust to avoid the damage from corrosion.
  • Cleanup is simple with this ProSelect crate on account of its grated floor with a plate.
  • You can join casters to the base of the cage to easily roll the crate to different areas or leave the casters off for enhanced stability.
  • The Empire crate will face the hardest maltreatment from the biggest canines with solid latches and thick steel construction.
  • Safeguards even the strongest dogs
  • Bars are strong and sturdy enough to avoid breaking
  • The removable tray at the bottom
  • Ideal even for extra large dogs
  • A durable and comfortable crate
  • Welds are not up to the mark
  • Locks are required for enhanced protection
  • With excessive power, dogs are able to bend the steel tabs

Prevue Pet – Best Economical Dog Crate Under 100

About The Product

Metal Dog Crate For Backyard
Metal Dog Crate For Backyard

Prevue Single Door Dog Crate has been made to give your pet the most elevated level of security and solace. Intended to withstand long stretches of utilization, our Economy Dog Crate is developed from substantial gauge mesh for security and soundness, while the powder-covered dark completion is non-poisonous, solid, and tidies up without any problem.

  • Dimensions – 36 x 27 x 23 inches
  • Price – under 100

Main Features

  • Prevue has come up with several options for all breeds of dogs and especially of all the sizes.
  • This heavy-duty and comfortable dog crate has been manufactured from 5,7, and 9 gauge mesh for enhanced stability and security.
  • The front door is extremely large with 3 door locks to enhance the security and avoid breaking out for your pup.
  • The crate offers the best ventilation of air and unobstructed views with no issues of rusting or corrosion.
  • The crate is pretty easy to assemble without any requirement of tools.
  • Heavy-duty construction for stability and security
  • Large front door with 3 locks
  • No tools assembly
  • Perfect air ventilation
  • Not strong enough to prevent the bars from bending
  • The plastic base could get chewed up.

SMONTER – Top Rated Heavy Duty Dog Crate In USA

About The Product

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate
Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate

SMONTER has come up with an indestructible dog kennel made of a metal frame along with a hammer-tone coating of multiple layers. The crate is resistant against scuffs, corrosion, scratches, and rust.

You can utilize this crate for both indoor and outdoor purposes to provide the utmost comfort to your pets along with the best quality safety. There would be no health issues to your dogs even if they chew or lick the crate.

  • Dimensions – 38.5 x 27 x 8.2 inches
  • Price – under 250

Main Features

  • The rock-solid dog crates are made out of strengthened steel and having all parts welded which implies our substantial canine cage can forestall even the most forceful dogs from getting away.
  • A strong metal edge gives ideal ventilation and permeability which offers your pet an agreeable and dependable environment.
  • Suitable for generally medium and enormous dogs, two PATENT locks with the security clasps to keep the mutts from opening the entryway and getting away.
  • The front entryway is reasonable for pets in and out. You can append a 360-degree pivoting caster to the base of the crate to effectively roll the cage to another position or leave the caster away for included steadiness.
  • The plastic plate is removable which makes it easy to wipe and clean the entire crate comfortably.
  • Anti-escape bolt latches to safeguard the dog
  • Rotatable wheels for mobility
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Heavy-duty metal dog crate
  • The quality of door latches is not up to the mark.
  • Bolts get loosened when there is a huge amount of pressure on it.


AmazonBasics – Best Selling Portable Dog Crate In UK

About The Product

Best Metal Heavy Duty Dog Crate
Best Metal Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Keep pets safely and easily contained with this AmazonBasics rock-solid stackable pet crate. Perfect for covers, salvages, foster homes, and individual use. The pet crate is made in a user-friendly design that provides a temporary safe place to your small, dog, cat, or any other pet. If you are looking for an economical pet crate, you must check out this product.

  • Dimensions – 43.5 x 34.3 x 29.8 inches
  • Price – under 200

Main Features

  • The crate’s top can be completely opened to make it easier for the in/out of the pet or even while adding or removing bedding, food items, and other supplies.
  • The bottom tray of the crate is sturdy enough to provide a comfortable surface to your pet for standing and a plus point is that it can be removed completely.
  • AmazonBasics has come up with a stackable design due to which you can place one crate on top of another to save space.
  • The crate has a sleek black color and is built with durable iron to make it heavy-duty along with possessing reliable strength.
  • The pet kennel comes with lockable casters to make it easy for moving it from one place to another and also secure placement.
  • Pull-out try for easy cleaning
  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Lockable casters
  • Stackable design for space-saving
  • Openable top for easy access
  • Metal is not perfectly finished
  • Sharp corners could cause injuries

MidWest Life Stages- Top Rated Folding Metal Dog Crate In Canada

About The Product

Top Rated Heavy Duty Dog Crate
Top Rated Heavy Duty Dog Crate

A crate gives an individual, cave-like space to your canine to consider his own, and it additionally assists with housebreaking, potty preparing, and decreasing undesirable practices like barking and chewing. Pick a container that will give sufficient space when your pet arrives at its full, grown-up size, sufficiently huge to stand up without slouching and to rest with legs outstretched.

In any case, don’t accept an excessively huge crate – it won’t give the sentiment of wellbeing and security that a pet appreciates in an appropriately measured crate.

  • Dimensions – 48 x 30 x 33 inches
  • Price – under 100

Main Features

  • Two rock-solid slide-bolt hooks (per entryway) safely lock the dog crate entryway in place to keep your dog securely inside their pet home.
  • Easy to assemble and versatile dog crate. It sets up in seconds without any tools required to assemble this dog crate with convenient storage.
  • Sturdy and durable construction makes a protected spot for your pet while you’re away and accommodates your pet’s instinctual “cave” senses.
  • Patented rounded corner cuts significantly decrease conceivable sharp-focuses your pet’s cage for a more secure encounter for you and your pet.
  • It is a heavy-duty folding metal dog crate ideal for large breeds with a single door.

Rounded corners for enhanced safety

Foldable design to make it easy for carrying

Sturdy and durable construction

  • Rounded corners for enhanced safety
  • Foldable design to make it easy for carrying
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Comfortable for large breeds
  • Rough spots on the edges of wires at the doorway
  • Metal clips are not completely closed


EcoFlex Pet Crate – Best Indoor Dog Crate Under 150

About The Product

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates
Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates

This ecoFLEX Dog Crate merges structure and capacity into a crate that can work out well with your decor. Use as an end table, or as an incidental table. With a stainless steel lock, your pet will be secure in its own protected space.

A convenient spot for your pet when the indoors are styled to look and perform like an end table. The crate is pretty easy to assemble in less than 5 minutes. The color goes right through the material so scratches are more averse to appear.

  • Dimensions – 36.1 x 24.1 x 28 inches
  • Price – under 150

Main Features 

  • The crate is built with the use of non-toxic materials for the safety of your dog’s health.
  • In place is made utilizing ecoFLEX, an eco-friendly material that is made from reused polymers and recovered Wood.
  • The front door is latched securely so that it can’t be opened by your pet accidentally.
  • It is pretty simple to assemble the crate within 5 minutes and there is no requirement of tools for its assembly.
  • It is an ideal dog crate for dogs up to 80 lbs with the best quality materials used to make it look stylish and chew-proof.
  • Made of non-toxic recycled plastic
  • Easy assembly within 5 minutes
  • Attractive look to match your décor
  • The front door is latched securely
  • Bars are made of very week aluminum
  • The material can be chewed by your pet.

Aspen Pet Porter – Lightweight Portable Plastic Dog Crate

About The Product

Best Plastic Dog Crate
Best Plastic Dog Crate

Aspen Pet Porter highlights wellbeing, solace, and style across the board. This dog crate offers a simple push button and has side vents to advance sound wind current for your pet’s security and solace. The plastic is strong and has been tried to hold up to the wear and tear of ordinary use and travel. Top and base structures are safely attached by metal stray pieces.

  • Dimensions – 32 x 22.5 x 24 inches
  • Price – under 50
  • This dog crate for medium dogs has a simple open lock for opening the dog travel transporter with one hand. It is an ideal choice for medium weighing dog breeds with weight around 30-50 lbs.
  • This pet transporter meets most airline payload particulars. The air travel pet kennel for cats and dogs likewise has ventilation on all sides and a solid & comfortable handle for gripping the crate.
  • Petmate fabricates its industry-driving plastic pet crates to limit sharp edges and give a sheltered, welcoming spot for your little buddy to rest.
  • Petmate fulfills your pet instinctual wants to be cozy and comfortable along with the feeling of security.
  • This dog crate is completely compliant with air or highway travel requirements, while your buddy can relax in it.
  • Carrying handle for convenience during travel
  • Ventilation openings for an ample amount of fresh air
  • Heavy-duty plastic dog crate
  • Easy to clean plastic material
  • The latch can be opened with a single hand
  • Does not have rear ventilation
  • Plastic is not thick enough


AmazonBasics -Two Door Best Pet Travel Carrier 

About The Product

Best Portable Plastic Dog Crate
Best Portable Plastic Dog Crate

Whether you have an adorable puppy or a graceful pet, you can conveniently put your furry friend in the AmazonBasics Pet Travel Carrier. It has been designed for keeping your pet secure and comfortable whenever you are traveling.

Whether you are on a hiking trail or a trip, you can take this pet travel carrier with you. This is a thoughtful design with two doors where one is on the front and the other is on the top. AmazonBasics has come up with this best quality pet crate for all breeds.

  • Dimensions – 23.4 x 15.6 x 13.2 inches
  • Price – under 50
  • The top and base of the pet kennel snap along with four hooks, and the included screws can be utilized to additionally make sure about the top and base together for included support.
  • Made of sturdy plastic with a steel-wire front entryway, the AmazonBasics two-entryway top-load pet crate offers quality, security, and permeability, alongside a lot of ventilation on the sides, top, and back of the pet crate.
  • The entryway on the facade of the pet kennel includes a spring-stacked lock. Squeezing together the top and base switches of the hook and pulling forward permits the entryway to tenderly swing open.
  • Durable and heavy-duty construction
  • The top door can be opened to the right or left
  • 2-door design for enhanced convenience
  • Ventilation on top, back, and sides of the crate
  • Top door should be redesigned
  • Not suitable for dogs with heavy-weight.

BestPet -Best Selling Heavy Duty Dog Kennels Under 200

About The Product

Metal Dog Crate For Medium Size Dogs
Metal Dog Crate For Medium Size Dogs

Are you looking for a durable and heavy-duty dog kennel? BestPet has come up with a high-quality and long-lasting pet kennel that is built with sturdy steel. The steel frame has 2 openings where one is to the top and the other is on the front.

Dual entrances make it easy for accessing your pet as well as enhanced comfort for your dog. It is an eco-friendly and spacious dog kennel.

  • Dimensions – 48 x 33 x 37 inches
  • Price – under 200

Main Features

  • The Heavy-duty and durable steel frame that has been constructed with heavy gauge tubes made with high-quality steel.
  • Dual entrances at the front and the top for easily accessing your pets.
  • The dog crate has 4 casters to make it easy for moving from one place to another. Of these 4 casters, 2 of them are lockable.
  • The crate comes with a sliding tray to make it easy for cleaning the dog crate and also supplying food and other stuff to your pets.
  • The dog kennel is large enough that your pet can freely move in it. It is made with eco-friendly materials to maintain the health of your pet.
  • Made with the use of eco-friendly materials
  • 4 casters for mobility
  • Dual entrances for easy access to the kennel
  • Spacious enough for all breeds of dogs
  • Wheels often get broken due to the weight of the crate
  • Metal is not of high-quality

MidWest Homes -Comfortable Folding Dog Crate For Small Dogs

About The Product

Best Metal Dog Crate For Small Dogs
Best Metal Dog Crate For Small Dogs

iCrate single-entryway dog crates by MidWest Homes for Pets are the Inclusive Home Training System structured totally around the wellbeing, security, and solace of your pet. Highlights incorporate protected and secure slide-bolt locks, adjusted corners, a strong glossy silk dark Electro-Coat finish, and a removable, launderable plastic prospect cleanup in case of a mishap.

The crease and convey configuration implies iCrate sets up effectively in seconds without the requirement for tools. iCrate effectively overlaps down to a convenient size for bag style conveying and incorporates plastic conveying handles to move the folded crate with utmost comfort from one place to another.

  • Dimensions – 25.5 x 13.8 x 3.5 inches
  • Price – under 50

Main Features

  • The crate provides the utmost protection to your buddy with rounded corners and secure slide-bolt latches.
  • There is no requirement of tools to set up or fold down the MidWest Dog Crate. It only takes a few seconds to completely assemble and disassemble your pet crate.
  • The plastic pan at the bottom of the crate can be easily removed for cleaning it.
  • This pink small dog crate with a single door is a perfect fit for your small pup weighing approximately 13-25 pounds.
  • The durable and sturdy design creates a feeling of security and comfort for your pet while you are away from home.
  • Spacious enough for your pup to rest comfortably in this dog crate.
  • Rounded corners for enhanced safety
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble in a few seconds
  • Foldable crate to transport it anywhere
  • The removable tray at the bottom
  • Top latch is not firm enough to hold the pet
  • Some of the rounded corners are not very safe


AmazonBasics – Top Rated Folding Metal Dog Kennels Under 50

About The Product

Best Metal Dog Crate With One Door
Best Metal Dog Crate With One Door

Perfect for the two little dogs and grown-up dogs, the AmazonBasics single-entryway folding metal crate offers excellent accommodation. Utilize the metal pet crate for anything from potty preparing or house preparing to fortify house rules and limits – or basically as a protected, secure spot for your dog to rest and unwind. If you are looking for a cheap and sturdy best metal outdoor dog kennel, you must check out this option.

  • Dimensions – 36 x 23 x 25 inches
  • Price – under 50

Main Features

  • The AmazonBasics metal dog crate includes a solitary swing-open entryway on the front. The enormous opening considers a simple section and agreeable access to your pet or when cleaning or changing bedding.
  • The crate highlights sturdy metal-wire development for quality and ideal ventilation and permeability. Adjusted corners help ensure pets and advance wellbeing.
  • Utilize the included divider board to decrease the size of the container varying for growing doggies. The position of the board can be effortlessly balanced varying to make a properly estimated living space.
  • A removable, launderable plastic dish sits at the base of the container for simple cleanup in case of water-bowl spills or a mishap.
  • The crate folds down easily for conservative stockpiling or advantageous transportability.
  • Solitary door-opening on the front
  • Sturdy metal crate for outdoors and indoors
  • The removable plastic tray at the bottom
  • Foldable crate for portability
  • Not recommended for strong dogs
  • Some edges are very sharp

MidWest iCrate Starter Kit – Ideal Kit For Every Beginner Dog Parent

About The Product

Portable Dog Crate For Small Dogs
Portable Dog Crate For Small Dogs

MidWest Homes for Pets’ iCrate Fashion Kit is the ideal starter unit for any new dog parent. Rather than looking around for changed containers and embellishments, get all that you have to make your pet’s comfortable retreat in one advantageous box, setting aside your time and cash.

In each pack, you’ll get one blue QuietTime Crate Bed, one blue Fashion iCrate, two Snap’y Fit foods and along with it water bowls, and also one QuietTime Crate Cover. Everything in the pack is estimated to be an ideal fit for the crate.

  • Dimensions – 24 x 18 x 19 inches
  • Price – under 100

Main Features

  • This is an ideal kit that any starter would need in a single carton for looking after comfortably of your pet.
  • MidWest iCrate Starter Kit is an ideal one for any dog weighing between 13-25 pounds.
  • The polyester crate cover and the fleece bed included in the kit are machines washable to make it easy for cleaning.
  • The dog bowls in the kit are designed particularly to keep in touch with the dog for providing food and water conveniently.
  • The crate looks fashionable and adorable for your little buddy.
  • Everything is included in one kit
  • Fleece bed and polyester crate cover are machines washable
  • Ideal starter kit for dog parents
  • Perfect choice for dogs weighing between 13-25 pounds
  • The bottom latch is not firm enough to hold the dog.
  • Metal is not sturdy enough


Plastic And Metal Heavy Duty Dog Crates Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs break out of crates?

Yes, dogs can certainly break out of crates. Dogs are powerful animals and due to fear, disliking confinement, or boredom, they might think about breaking out of crates. Dogs might scratch, chew, or even push through any weak spot that they have discovered in the crate. Before you think about leaving the dog alone in the crate, try to do it when you are at home. The dog might even get injured while trying to break out of crates when you are not at home.

Plastic or metal dog crate? Which one is best?

Both plastic and metal dog crates have their own unique benefits due to which they have become popular options for so many years.

Metal dog crates offer a secure and sturdy place for your pet. They are heavier as compared to the plastic ones, but most of them can be folded. These crates have a perfect ventilation system to make your pet feel cold. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, this is the perfect one for your pet as they can see you all the time. The downsides of metal dog crate are that they are not attractive, they can be heavy, and some dogs would find a way through the wires to get out.

If your dog needs his/her own space and privacy, you must opt for the plastic dog crate. These crates are lightweight which makes it easy to move around. It is difficult for your pet to escape from a plastic crate as compared to the others. It is pretty easy to clean plastic crates. If you want to add an aesthetic appeal to your house with a dog crate, the plastic ones are perfect. They look attractive as they come in different colors. The only downside is that the ventilation system is not proper and it gets hot inside.

You must look at the above points and consider them before purchasing a dog crate.

Can I use a heavy dog crate for smaller breeds?

It is advisable to not use a heavy dog crate for smaller breeds. Heavy-duty dog crates are required to contain larger breeds so that they cannot escape. These are not the issues with the smaller breeds as they have less strength as compared to the larger breeds. Smaller breed dogs might feel unsafe in heavy-duty dog crates. This is the reason why you should avoid using a heavy dog crate for smaller breeds.

How do I keep my dog from breaking out of the crate?

You can try out different ways to prevent your dog from breaking out. First of all, you need to crate train your dog. Dogs are extremely smart and you can train them to like their crate and use it. The crate shouldn’t be used a punishment. You can help your dog to create good associations with the crate by feeding your dog inside the crate. You can leave your dog’s favorite toy in the crate so that he can sit and chew it.

When you are at home, try to increase the amount of time your dog spends in the crate. You need to give the crate some trial runs before you think about leaving your dog in it for long hours. You can start at the initial stage with 30 minutes of being crated and gradually increasing the time.

Other than crate training, you need to first purchase a crate that perfectly fits your dog. If your dog finds the crate comfortable, then the chances of breaking out are reduced. The crate should give him enough room where he can sit, stand, or even lay down.

Should I crate a dog with separation anxiety?

Yes, you can think about crating a dog with separation anxiety, but you need to take extra precautions for his crate training. Before you put him in the crate, you need to make your dog exercise hard and good. If your dog is tired, the chances of him lying down in the crate are more instead of getting panicked. You need to spend more time in crate training your dog with separation anxiety. You must put his favorite chew toy in the crate and offer him food in it so that the dog spends more time in the crate.

Do dogs prefer wire or plastic crates?

The type of crate that your dog likes are completely dependent on your dog. If your dog likes to have some privacy, then you must consider purchasing a plastic crate. This will keep them out of the chaos in the house. If your dog likes to be a part of everything going on in the surroundings, then you must purchase a wire crate. You better know what your dog likes. It is completely up to you when it comes to choosing between a plastic crate and a wire crate. It will also depend on how comfortable you can make the crate for your dog.


Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crates For All Size Of Dogs Buyers Guide

If you have a look at the market, you will find several options for dog crates that are made with different materials. You might be thinking that why you should purchase a plastic or metal heavy-duty crate. Let me tell you when you should consider purchasing a heavy-duty dog crate.

If your dog chews through plastic or bends wires, you need a heavy-duty crate. Heavy-duty crates are an ideal choice for all breeds of dogs. You will find several options that will fulfill your requirements whether you are looking for heavy-duty outdoor dog crates or indoor dog crates.

If you possess a strong dog or dogs with separation issues, anxiety, or unusual strength, you need a heavy-duty crate that can forestall it and protect it. If you have such a dog crate, you don’t need to worry about any of your house materials as there won’t be any damage to them now.

Features to Consider

Whenever you think about purchasing a heavy-duty dog crate, you need to consider some key features. Let us have a look at them.

  • Size

There is no fixed size of powerful dogs. Not all-powerful dogs need to be huge. When you look for a heavy-duty crate, it should have enough room where your dog gets a clearance to stand and move about. You should measure your pet’s width, height, and length to bring the crate of ideal size.

  • Mobility

The dog crate must have casters as you might have to move it from one place to another. If the crate has casters then it becomes much easier to move it anywhere. At least two casters of the four should have locks so that the crate doesn’t roll.

  • Portability

If you are looking for a heavy-duty dog crate while going out for traveling or camping, you need to purchase either a heavy-duty plastic dog crate or a foldable one. Some dogs are extremely powerful and it is not possible to hold them with a plastic dog crate. This is where you need a foldable heavy-duty metal dog crate. For dogs with average strength, you can consider purchasing a heavy-duty plastic dog crate with thick plastic and sturdy construction to hold your dog.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Dog crates that possess a removable tray at the bottom are the easiest to clean. If you want durability, then steel trays are best, but the plastic ones are lighter which makes them easy to carry in several cases. The cleaning process won’t take long if you have a removable tray. Some of the larger crates possess two trays so that it can cut down the weight of each tray.

  • Durability

A heavy-duty crate must have strong welds, thick steel, and more importantly caster wheels for mobility. Make sure that the caster wheels are durable enough to hold the crate when it is filled with a dog.

These are some of the factors that you need to consider while purchasing a heavy-duty dog crate for the comfort and security of your dog.

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