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Littermaid Multi Cat Self Cleaning Litter Box Review 2022


littermaid multi cat self cleaning litter box reviews

Littermaid Multi Cat Self Cleaning Litter Box

The Littermaid cat products are designed in a scientific manner to offer you a clean and easy means to meet all the needs of the cat in a convenient way. It is an amazing innovation in waste management that is simple and practical at the same time; furthermore, it ensures that you spend minimum time dealing with the litter box.

This litter box scoops itself after every use by your cats so that you can have a fresh start each and every time. You will enjoy a scoop-free cleanup and therefore it relieves you from the dirty work out of pet parenting. It has to be scooped every seven days.

Main Features

  • The Littermaid Multicat Self-Cleaning Litter Box has the convenience of automatic scooping with the rake that removes the litter for a fresh and clean start each and every time. It is specially designed for multiple cats which weigh more than 15 lbs.
  • It has low maintenance costs so that when used as directed, there would no need for scooping every day or after every use. It can be cleaned up only after an interval of seven days.
  • The odor of the litter is controlled in an effective way. Once the rake removes waste, the scientifically designed waste receptacles with carbon filters keep the mess and the odor in control.
  • The accessories that are offered along with the product are 4 waste receptacles, 4 carbon filters, 1 scoop, and rake cleaner, and last but not least, a one-paw cleaning ramp. Check out the best automatic cat litter boxes here.
  • As the Littermaid cat litter box reviews state, this very convenient product is scientifically designed so that you enjoy the most hassle-free cleaning of the cat litter while you engage in parenting for your favorite animal.
  • The installation process is very easily understood and once you install it, you will witness that your favorite cat would get acclimatized within a few days and without much hassle.
  • As some Littermaid cat litter box reviews tell us, the motor sometimes stopped working; although the buyer got a replacement, the other one too didn’t last for long.
  • The waste cartridge had to be removed every day in some cases based on how many times your cat or cats are using the litter box.
  • Some users have complained that the box is not deep enough to hold litter which is at least 3 inches deep. The urine soaks down through litter and gets stuck on the bottom of the box.

Installation Guide

There are several steps which when followed properly will help you to install this product. It’s the most convenient way to keep your home litter-free and the odors are kept in control. You begin by preparing the waste receptacle. The receptacle has to be placed underneath the compartment cover in the space provided.

You have to make sure that the front edge is under 5 tabs on the front edge of the litter tray. Then you have to attach the waste receptacle lid by inserting the push tabs into the round holes given on the compartment cover. The lid has to be secured by slipping the edges under the tab situated on the waste receptacle compartment cover.

The preparation of the waste receptacle is finished by removing the carbon filter from the plastic sleeve which is done by peeling off the paper strip which will expose the adhesive. The paw cleaning ramp is attached by snapping the two notches into the attachment posts which are on the top housing, directly in front of the waste receptacle compartment cover.

Finally, the litter tray has to be filled up so that the litter level is in between the maximum and minimum level fill lines are situated on either side of the box. The scoop is used to evenly distribute the litter on the litter tray.

Final Verdict

Based on the reviews of the satisfied users, I will definitely recommend this cat litter box which is worth every penny that you spend on it. The ease with which it can be installed is a reason enough to buy this product. So, if you considering buying, act now and check for the best deals online.

Littermaid Cat Litter Box FAQS

1.What type of cat litter material is compatible with this litter box?

While you consider buying a litter box for your favorite pet, the Littermaid Multicat Self-Cleaning litter box remains the best choice to keep your cats clean and your household litter-free without the hassle of cleaning the litter box every day. It can be used for all kinds of litter produced by cats which are over 15lbs and even it can be used for multiple cats. Moreover, it controls the odor of all kinds of litter material and hence it can be safely used for all types of house cats.

2. Has anyone used several of these for large cat communities?

This amazing product is compatible with all types of cats once you teach your house cat to get acclimatized to it. It can be used to dispose of the litter of various types of cats including large cats which have a weight of more than 15 lbs. Therefore, it can be safely suggested that the cat litterbox has been used for large cat communities.

if you want to check more options for your cats, check out our reviews on the best cat litter boxes for large cats here.

3. Can I buy a lid for the box?

This is the most convenient product to dispose of the litter produced by your house cats and you get a clean-up automatically so that you don’t have to clean it on a regular basis. It only needs cleaning off after every seven days which is enough.

You can also buy a lid for the box and it will be of extra help while you are engaged in hassle-free pet parenting. We understand that your favorite cat means a lot to you and buying a lid for the box always has an additional advantage over not having a lid for the box.

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