How big a great Dane dog door be?


When you seek to improve the quality of life for your pet, the best option is to use a pet door as it offers your Great Dane freedom to move inside and outside the house as per his wish. Not only that, with this freedom, you also offer him self-esteem. Further, by giving freedom, you assist your dog in overcoming different behavioral problems such as excessive barking, scratching furniture, destructive chewing, and housebreaking. However, when choosing a pet door for your Great Dane dog, you need to consider various criteria such as the size of the dog and the quality of the material.

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How big a Great Dane dog door be?

The type and size of a dog door differ from each other. For example, a mastiff or Great Dane requires a big door when compared to the small dogs such as Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and others. There are many concepts dog owners use when they seek to purchase and install a dog door in their house. Most of the dog owners think that the first step to choose a dog door for a fully-grown Great Dane would be to measure the height of the dog.

For example, the owners measure the height from the tallest part of the back of the dog to the floor. According to the common standard, the maximum height of a Grand Dane is 32”. In such a condition, most of the owners purchase a flap door that is 35 to 38” inch tall. However, this is not practical, mainly because when a dog crosses the door, they bend their head to pick up the flap with their nose. All we have to do is to ensure that the torso of the dog fits in the hole, the head is able to go down, and the feet can come up. Thus, you can purchase a dog door that is 27” high.

When you check the width of the flap door, you do not need to measure the width of your dog with the tape measure. By doing so, you may purchase a bigger door than your requirement. This is because while flying out, the door should just be wide enough to get through and it is enough for the requirement for minimum flap width for your Great Dane.

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One more aspect you need to be aware of when is choosing a bigger door for your Great Dane, is his security when he or she goes out. The best way to ensure the security of the dog is to place a hole in the wall and install a door there. Further, you can place his kennel or dog house outside that particular wall, so that your Great Dane can pick up the flap and go directly inside his doghouse or kennel. After that, he can decide whether he wants to go out or remain in that cozy place during cold winters or hot summers.

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