German Shepherd Dog House Size Guide

German Shepherd Dog House Size Guide

German shepherds are lovely creatures and are very loyal to their owners. They love to play and hop around. At the same time, they need a niche of their own where they can rest and turn around and enjoy the privacy of their own. While looking for a perfect German shepherd dog house size, there are certain factors to be taken into consideration, measurement of the dog is to be taken and some general rules to be followed. This article would provide you with an insider’s guide to dog houses specially designed for German Shepherds.

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The Golden Rule for Determining the Size

The general rule for ascertaining the right German shepherd dog house size is that the height of the dog house should not be less than 25% taller than the height of the dog in standing position. At the same time, care should be taken that the roof of the dog house is not more than 50% taller than the height of the house. Too cramped space would make the dog uncomfortable while the dog would seem lost in a very large kennel.

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German shepherds are medium-sized dogs, therefore 42 inches type of dog house should be perfect for your pet. If your dog is a bit larger than the average size, you can look for a 48-inch variety.

Take the Right Measurement

So, the first step you have to undertake to determine the right German shepherd dog house size is to measure your dog properly. Take a tape and measure the length of the dog from the tip of the nose to the beginning of the tail. This length is often called the crate length. A typical adult German shepherd weighs about 75 pounds and is about 27 inches tall up to the shoulders.

After taking measurements, you add 12 inches to the height measurement and 24 inches to the length measurement to get the ideal size of the inside of the dog house. As has been cited earlier, a 42-inch height should be perfect for your German shepherd.

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Placement of the Dog House

Some owners prefer to keep their favorite pet within an enclosed space and hence they build a metal enclosure for their pets to play around. They are usually installed in the courtyard or backyard and they are made of metal walls which the dogs cannot cross and hence remain safe and sound. It also prevents them from straying out or making some mischief.

So, if you have enough space, you can build such a playing arena for your animal. It should be kept in mind however that these metal enclosures are not strictly speaking dog houses and therefore, you would have to buy or build a separate dog house for your pet. The roof of the dog house should be preferably slanting so that if the dog house is kept in the open, the rain or snow would not collect on the roof and hence damage the dog house. The entrance of the dog house should be checked so that the rain or snow does not seep in case of heavy rain or snow.

Other Factors

After deciding about the size, there are some other factors to be taken into consideration. Dog houses can be made of wood or plastic type of material, but make sure that the inside of the walls is insulated with the right insulating material. German shepherds are naturally adapted to the cold climate and hence they remain very uncomfortable in places with harsh summers.

If the walls of the dog house are insulated, it will keep the inside of the dog house cool and comfortable. At the same time, it will protect the animal in harsh winters as well. There are various models of dog houses available in the market. Some are available online, the picture of which you can see on the net, and get details about its dimensions.

Once you have taken the right measurement of your dog, you can look for a suitable dog house on the net. You can also build a dog house with the help of a carpenter by furnishing him with the right measurement.


German shepherds are very friendly in nature and they love to stay close to the owner’s family. At the same time, they require a private space of their own where they can relax and stretch out. Buying or building a dog house would be a wise idea as it would keep the dog happy and snugly ensconced within the bounds of an insulated dog house.

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