Dog House Size Guide For All Breeds Of Dogs

Dog House Size Guide For All Breeds

You must be looking for a suitable dog house size for your furry friend and want to buy the best of all. So, we have compiled a detailed guide that is easy to understand, so that you can decide which size of the dog house is suitable for you. Always keep the comfort level of your sweetheart while making such decisions.

Secondly, size also matters when you have limited space in your house. So keep two things in mind while deciding,  i.e. Size of your dog and space where you want to place the dog house.

Why Does The Size Of A Dog House Matter?

When you consider building a Dog House for your dog, you need to consider various factors, such as the safety of the dog, material for the Dog House, as well as the size of the Dog House. Among these factors, the size of the Dog House remains the most important factor as it ensures the comfort and health of your dog.

According to experts, most dog owners purchase the biggest Dog House according to their budget. It is a fact that dogs warm their Dog House with their body heat, and if the Dog House is too big, they waste a lot of energy and precious calories to warm up their home.

If the size of the Dog House is too small it would not comfortable as well as safe for your pet. Thus, when purchasing the Dog House for the pet, the first step would be to measure the size of the dog and then choose the dog house as per the parameters.

How To Choose The Right Size Of A Dog House?

Normally, when choosing a Dog House, the owners choose the biggest Dog house they can find, however, it is a wrong practice as it may harm the health and safety of the pet. According to the experts, in this process, the first step would be to measure the size of the dog.

The next step in this process would be to choose a dog house that slightly larger than the size of the dog. Some experts suggest that the interior measurement of the dog house should be 6-12 inches larger than the size of the dog. As per guidance manual offered by Ashville NC Humane Society, an adoption Center dedicated to the care of cats, dogs, and other pets, the formula of choosing a dog house is as follows:

Dog House Size Chart 

Dog House Size Guide For All Breeds
Dog House Size Guide For All Breeds

Length = the dog’s length with 12-inch allowance

Width = the dog’s length with an 18-inch allowance

High side of Height = the dog’s height with a 9-inch allowance

The Low side of Height = the dog’s height with a 3-inch allowance

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Tips To Select The Dog House Size For Puppy

When selecting the dog house for the puppy, the dog owner should follow the same criteria followed for choosing an adult dog such as the size of the material that has been used, and the place. For example, the first thing you should consider is the size of the puppy. The dog house or kennel should be large for his or her so that he or she can stretch out, turn around, or stand in a comfortable manner. However, it should not be too big as it can waste energy and precious calories of a dog when its body warms the kennel.

When selecting the dog house for puppies, you should select the material suitable for the weather. If the dog owner selects a wood dog house, it should be treated to make it weather-proof. In addition to that, it should be raised a few inches off the ground so that wood should not rot. If you choose a plastic dog house, it should be easy to install, weather-proof, water-proof, and well-insulated.

However, while purchasing the dog house for puppies, you should keep in mind that puppies would experience a fast growth when compared to an adult dog and need to make provision for the future.

Tips To Select Standard Dog House for Small Breeds

Some of the most popular small breeds of dogs among dog owners include Miniature Schnauzer, Rat Terriers, Chinese Crested, Pugs, and Welsh Terriers. When purchasing such dogs, a big consideration remains the purchase of Dog house or kennels where they can relax and sleep during the night. Some tips when selecting a Dog house for such dogs are as follows.

  • The dog house should be slightly larger than the dog itself so that they can move easily with comfort inside the house.
  • The dog bed should be equally proportionate to the dog house and the pet should move easily inside.
  • The walls and roof of the dog house should be water-proof so that the pet can stay cozy during winter and rainy seasons.

Tips To Select Medium Size Dog House For Medium To Large Breeds

If you love and prefer large dogs, you can get larger breeds such as a Bull Mastiff, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Doberman, and Rottweiler. Before getting them, one thing that a pet owner should do is to get a good dog house for these large breed dogs and the location in the backyard. Some useful tips for those of you who intend to have a large breed are as follows:

  • The dog house that is being used for a large breed dog should be manufactured from wood material.
  • The pet owner should furnish this dog house with a good dog bed and hard fabric so that it may become a good haven for the pet outside during winter and rainy season.
  • The owner should ensure that the roof of the dog house is not leaking and is water-proof so that the dog house is completely insulated.
  • The height of the dog house should be slightly larger than the height of the dog.

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Dog House Size Selection Final Words

I would suggest you buy the dog house one size bigger than the suggested sizes for puppies. Just like our babies, they grow up quickly, so it is better to do an investment for the long term. They can easily outgrow the small houses and then you will end up buying another suitable dog house. Finally, for medium size dogs, I would suggest you go for a large-size house, it will give more space and increase the comfortable level of your furry friend.


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