Dog House Size Guide For Rottweiler

Dog House Size Guide For Rottweiler

Rottweilers are a rather larger breed of the species. They are a bit aggressive in nature and hence need a larger space to live and be comfortable. While looking for Rottweiler dog house size, these above-mentioned facts should be kept in mind. There are other considerations, certain measurements to be taken and some guides to be followed while looking for a perfect dog house for your Rottweiler. A rottweiler can be moody at times and should be kept in a dog house that has enough room for it to rest comfortably, turn around, and be at home.

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Ascertaining the Right Size of the Dog House

The general rule for picking up the right Rottweiler dog house size is that the dog house should not be less than 25% taller than the height of the Rottweiler. On the other hand, it should not be more than 50% bigger than the actual size of the dog. A large kennel of 48 inches long should be comfortable for an adult Rottweiler. These dog houses are ideally built for the dog weighing around 110 pounds. The average height of an adult rottweiler is about 25 inches, so a kennel of height 28 inches would be perfect for your favorite pet.

Crate Length of The Dog

There are some measurements to be taken with your dog. Find out the length of your dog from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. This length is usually called crate length and it is essential to figure out the ideal Rottweiler dog house size. So, take the measurement and then add two to four inches on either side to get the perfect size of the dog house you want to buy or build for your Rottweiler.

Rottweilers are slightly aggressive types of the breed and therefore many owners prefer to keep their pets within an enclosed place where they can play around. They build a metal enclosure at the courtyard and backyard so that their favorite pet can safely stay within the bounds of metal walls. It should be kept in mind that the enclosures are big enough so that the dog has enough space for the right exercise. But these metal enclosures are not strictly speaking dog houses and hence a separate dog house is to be kept.

If you are looking to build a dog house for your Rottweiler, then you should go for the general rule of 12 to 18 inches longer than the dog. Hence, once you have the length of the dog, you can easily find out the ideal size of the dog house for Rottweiler.

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Other Considerations

Before we end this article there are some other factors to be kept in mind while looking for a dog house for your Rottweiler. The walls of the dog house should be insulated so that your favorite pet remains snugly comfortable inside even in hot summer and chilling winter. The insulated walls would prevent extreme heat or cold from entering inside the dog house. The dog house may be made of wood or plastic type of material. While buying the dog house, make sure that the manufacturer had inserted insulating material in between the wall of the dog house.

The roof of the dog house should be slanted so that it does not create a problem in places where it rains or snows. It should prevent extra heat of sunlight coming from outside in case the dog house is situated in open space, that is in your terrace or your courtyard. An insulated slanting roof of your dog house would be ideal for your Rottweiler.

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While looking for the right size of the kennel for your rottweiler, you should look for the largest kennel size because a Rottweiler usually weighs 110-120 pounds. Dog houses of various designs and make are available in the market. Look for the biggest kennel available online, find out the figures such as the length and the breadth of the dog house, match it with the length of the dog and you get an idea about which kennel would suit best for your favorite pet. The adorable animal deserves the right stuff so that they can enjoy privacy, relax when they need to, and turn around comfortably inside the dog house.

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