Dog House Size Guide For Huskies

Dog House Size Guide For Huskies

Huskies are adorable pets and one of the most beautiful looking types among the species. They are generally friendly in nature and love to play around your house and courtyard. At the same time, they need privacy so that they can be on their own when they need to.

While looking for a dog house for your huskies, there are certain facts to be kept in mind, some measurements to be taken to get the right dog house size for huskies. This article would provide you with a complete guide while looking for a dog house or if you want to build it on your own.

Ascertaining the Right Size For Huskies 

While you consider building a dog house for your huskies, remember the rule that the size of the dog house should not be less than 25% taller than the actual height of the dog. At the same time, it should not be more than 50% bigger than the actual size of the dog. So the first step is to measure the height of the dog on the standing position.

Huskies are medium-sized dogs and their height ranges from 50-56 cm for adult females and 54-60 cm for adult males; therefore 42 inches tall dog houses should ideally accommodate adult huskies. If your husky is a bit overgrown you can choose the 48 inches variety.

Since Huskies are considered as large dogs, so you may consider reading the article on the best outdoor dog house for large dogs.

The Crate Length For Huskies 

There is another measurement involved while looking for the right dog house size for huskies. This measurement is called crate length. You get the crate length of your huskies by measuring the length of your dog from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. After taking the measurement, you add two to four inches on either side to get the ideal size of the inside of the dog house. You should remember that the dog must have enough space to turn around and stretch inside the dog house.

At the same time, the dog house shouldn’t be so big that the poor animal feels lost inside. The average weight of an adult husky lies somewhere around 50 pounds and hence the 42 inches type should prove to be comfortable for your adult husky.

You can keep the dog house inside your spacious room or if you have a courtyard, you can keep it there. Some owners prefer their pets to stay with the bound of a closed space and therefore they build metal enclosures for their favorite pet to play around. You can buy or build such an enclosure in your courtyard and inside the enclosure, you can keep more than one husky.

While building such an enclosure you should take care that they are big enough so that your favorite pet gets the right amount of exercise. But these metal enclosures are not strictly speaking dog houses and therefore you need to buy or build a separate dog house for your huskies.

If you want to buy a crate for your huskies, we recommend you to first read these reviews for the best outdoor heavy duty dog crates here.

Design of the Dog House

From this article, you would get an idea about the dog house size for huskies. As the Huskies are medium-sized breeds, a 42 inches type should be optimum for them. Besides the size, there are certainly other factors to be taken into consideration. While looking for a dog house make sure that the walls of the dog house are insulated with the right kind of insulating material. There are various types of dog houses available in the market.

Some are made from wood while others are made from plastic-type of material. While buying one of them, make queries whether the inside of the wall is made from insulating material so that the huskies remain reasonably comfortable even in places of harsh summer and chilling winter. The doors of the dog house should be. made in such a way that rain and snow do not get inside the dog house. Slanting roofs are preferable for dog houses so that the rain and snow do not contain over the roof of the dog house and damage it eventually.

If you are looking to buy the recommended plastic dog houses, then read this article.


Dog houses are available online or you can make it build with the help of a carpenter. The above-mentioned facts would guide you through to get the right stuff for your adorable pet. Huskies like a private corner of their own where they can lie down and relax, turn around, and who knows may daydream about dog heaven. Whatever might be the reason, your favorite husky deserves the best home of its own.

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