Dog House Size Guide For Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are usually very friendly type dogs; they weigh 70 to 90 pounds and remain an eternal child. However, they feel lost if they are all the while exposed to a bigger space. If you have enough space in your backyard, it is advisable to keep your golden retriever in a dog house where the adorable animal finds a snug home.

You can also buy or build a dog house that looks fine and fits well inside your bigger rooms. Usually, dogs like golden retrievers prefer to have a private corner where they can sleep, turn around be on its own. But before you buy or build a dog house, certain facts are to be kept in mind and certain calculations to be made and certain measures to be taken such as the size of your dog.

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Dog House Size For Golden Retriever

The first golden rule is that the height of the dog house should no less than 25% taller and not more than 50% than the height of the golden retriever’s head to his toes. So the first thing you should do is measure your pet and find out his actual height from head to toes. Golden retrievers are medium-sized dogs and therefore they require a large size kennel which is 42 inches long. These typical sized kennels can snugly accommodate dogs of weight around 70-90 pound range. So if you have an adult golden retriever, it should feel at home with these 42 inches long type of kennel as the right dog house size for a golden retriever.

There are other factors involved here as well. There is a measurement called crate length. It is the length of the dog from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. For example, if your dog’s crate length is 48 inches you would have to consider even bigger kennel. But that’s rare for the golden retriever to weigh over 90-110 pounds. So to know the right dog house size for a golden retriever, find out the crate length of your favorite pet.

After taking the crate length and then add 2 to 4 inches on both sides to get the ideal crate height and length. As golden retrievers rarely grow up to 100 lbs, it is advisable to look for 42 inches crate type of kennel. If your golden retriever is a bit overweight and falls under the category of 100-110 pounds, a 48 inches variety should be perfect.

Types of Dog Houses

There are metal kennels that work as an enclosed space for your dog. They are open kennels which are sometimes built at backyard or courtyard if you want your dog plays within an enclosed space. But they are strictly speaking not dog houses but look like a zoo enclosure. If you have enough space in your house and want to build a private playing space for your favorite golden retriever, you can build these metal enclosures for your dog to play around.

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It is better to have a slanting roof so that the rain or snow does not stay and damage the dog house. There are many insulated dog houses of the right size available in the market. You can watch photos of dog house size for golden retrievers and order online. You can even build it with the help of a carpenter furnishing him the facts such as the crate length of the dog. Add two to four inches on either side to get the ideal size.

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Your golden retriever deserves the best 42 inches long kennel. It may be made of wood or plastic type of material. Not only the size, but you should also pay attention to whether the walls of the dog house are insulated so the golden retriever remains comfortable in harsh summer and chilling winter. They bring joy to the household and the golden shine on the hood of your golden retriever will look vibrant when they play around the dog house.

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