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Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan Review 2022-All You Need To Know

catit hooded cat litter pan

Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan Review


Defined as the most user-friendly product in its category, the Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan offers various innovative features that enhance the lifestyle of your cats as well as you. For example, not only it offers privacy to your cat or kitten, but it also enables easy access for cleaning.

In addition, in some of the Hooded Cat Litter Pan Reviews, the reviewers praise the brand for integrating useful features such as the use of carbon-impregnated filters and overlap mechanisms in the design.

There are several brands that are available in the market,  however, with the Catit, its pros greatly outweigh its cons. The article will provide you an in-depth review of the increasingly popular product among cat owners – the Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan. Furthermore, you can check out the best cat litter box reviews according to your cat needs here.

Main Features

  • With a hooded cat pan, this pan offers privacy to your cat
  • The plastic door offers easy access, both in and out for your cat.
  • The Catit pan is very easy to clean and contains the odor inside, hence keeping the air fresh outside.
  • The built-in bag anchor in the product enables the bag to open easily.
  • The product remains the best choice for multi-cat households with its large dimension.
  • The design of the product makes it the best Litter box with a hood and allows you to keep a free hand for scooping.
  • With a built-in overlap mechanism, the product prevents leaks outside.
  • The product also offers a paw-safe front door and large top opening for easy scooping.
  • This cat litter pan offers a carrying handle for easy transport and slider locks for extra security.
  • The best cat litter box to control odor not only provides privacy to the cats but also contains the litter inside the pan itself.
  • With the carbon-impregnated filter, Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan not only traps the litter box odor but also removes them inside the box.
  • The best cat litter box to control odor also has a large hood for easy cleaning while the built-in bag anchor enables you to keep the bag open and frees your hand for scooping.
  • The door of the Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan is long and thick enough not only to hold odors but also to provide easy access to the top of the box so as to clean it without removal of the lid.
  • According to a few Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan Reviews, the litter box is flimsy and easily breakable when carrying it with the handle while being full of litter.
  • According to some owners, this product requires some particular types of lining, so that the cat cannot play with the bag.
  • According to some Hooded Cat Litter Pan Reviews, the plastic of the bottom litter tray of Catit litter box jumbo is very thin and as a result, it does not even sit flat on the floor itself. So, it is very difficult to get a completely flat edge between the waste and the scoop, and thus, the owner cannot clean the litter completely.

Installation Guide

While installing the Litter box with hood, the first thing to check is its dimensions: it’s 22.4 inches long x 18.3 inches wide x 15.3 inches high. The dimension of the door opening is 10.4 inches high x 9.6 wide. The water supply hose is 8 feet long and the drain hose is 10 feet long.  Catit Cat Litter Pan ReviewThe product comes with an instruction manual for installation and the process is so easy that it can be classified as a fool-proof DIY set-up.

The location of installation for this Litter box with a hood could be your bathroom, toilet, or a utility laundry room. To connect the product, all you need to do is connect the drain and hose pipe to the toilet pipe itself. Moreover, you can install this product anywhere on the premises where it is easy to access the running water and easy to clean.

For installation, you just require a pair of wrenches or pliers. If you require some non-standard hookups, you need to purchase them separately for this product. The manufacturer also includes other supplies such as liners for cat litter and replaceable carbon filters. However, you have to purchase and replace them every month to minimize the smell.

If you have small space, then check out our review for cat litter boxes for small apartments here.

Final Verdict

After comparing similar litter boxes of different brands available in this category, I believe the Catit litter box Jambo is a great value for money. It has a host of unique features that make it an excellent choice for your cat.

It’s extremely easy to scoop due to its great design and accessibility. We found the top door to be very handy, as it folds all the way. Also, the leaks are minimized due to its inherent overlap mechanism.

Most importantly, the  Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan is a delight to clean, as cleaning is hassle-free. Hence, we consider it the  best hooded cat litter pan available  in the market and recommend it to all cat owners.


How to clean Catit litter box filter?

When compared to other products in its category, the process of cleaning the Catit litter box filter is very easy. The litter in the product is contained in a self-contained bag; all you need to do is to open the door, carry out the bag and dispose of it. In addition to that, you need to clean the filter with water once a week. You also need to replace the filter every 3 to 4 months.

How often to change Catit litter pan filter?

Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan has 3-4 components that need to be cleaned and replaced at regular intervals. For example, you need to clean liners and the bags regularly and scoop out the litter every 2 to 3 days. In addition, you need to replace the Catit litter pan filter after every 3 to 4 months to keep it as the best cat litter box to control odor. Also, the cleaning and replacement of filters depending on how often the cat uses the litter box.

What are the best Carbon Filters for cat litter boxes?

The carbon filters for cat litter boxes remain an important component of the product as they enable you to minimize as well as control the cat litter odors within the box. The best Carbon Filter for cat litter boxes is made with non-hazardous materials such as charcoal, carbon, and zeolite.

These materials combine together to absorb moisture and smell at regular intervals that range from one week to some months (subject to various conditions). The use of the carbon filter for cat litter boxes mainly depends on the model, make and type of the best cat litter box to control odor.

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