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Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control Reviews 2022

best cat litter box for odor control reviews

Best Cat Litter  Boxes For Picky Cats And Odor Control

Cat lovers would know that their adorable pets usually do not litter the place where they live. It likes to keep itself clean and dwelling abode free from smell and smirch. But we need to understand that like all living creatures, they too need to respond to the natural call and when the cat waste begins to smell, it causes a lot of inconvenience both for the owners and the pets. To address this problem of odor, litter boxes are made that can effectively control the bad smell and they look very cute and suave too.

1. iPettie NOVA –  Best For Odor Control

best cat litter box for odor controlAbout The Product

This fully enclosed, rounded-shaped best cat litter box for odor control is a perfect product that takes care of your concerns about the smell that spreads from the cat litter. Being fully enclosed and enabled with carbon filters, it effectively controls the odor and prevents from spreading of the bad smell in the surroundings. No wonder it is often tagged as the best litter box for picky cats. Main Features

  • It is fully enclosed prevents the litter smell from spreading in the surroundings
  • It is enabled with carbon filters that remove the odor of the cat litter and however strong the smell is, this litter box for picky cats has a solution.
  • A complimentary scoop is provided with the litter box which makes cleaning super easy. Moreover, the storage tray is also provided with this box.
  • The buyers often termed it as best cat litter box for odor control as they have experienced that the litter smell has completely vanished from their place. Best for messy cats You can use it for kittens It is lightweight and portable
  • Some owners complained that their cat gets scared of getting in this litter box.

2. Curver Petlife Style- Hooded Litter Box Best Seller USA

best litter box for picky catsAbout The Product This style hooded litter box looks so nice that your guest would hardly identify as a litter box. Moreover, it is specially designed for odor control and management of cat litter. If you are not sure which type of litter box is suitable for your cat, then check our guide.

Main Features

  • This cat litter box has handles that make the product very convenient to be carried anywhere. If you are traveling with your cat, this portable litter box would come in very handy.
  • It is super easy to assemble the product which can be done in a few steps without the aid of any tools.
  • The drawer system of this cat litter box makes cleaning very easy so that you never need to worry about the odor.
  • There are hidden compartments in this litter box with scoop storage and odor filter compartment.
  • It looks so cute that it would not be an untoward sight in your household.
  • It has little space for turning around inside.

3. Catit Jumbo Hooded – Portable Hot Selling Item

best cat litter boxes for odour colorAbout The Product This jumbo hooded cat litter pan can be your smartest choice if you consider its outstanding feature for odor control and litter management. It provides essential privacy for your kitty while retaining the litter inside at the same time. Main Features

  • The litter box provides your favorite kitty with the privacy it needs while retaining the litter inside.
  • The lightweight litter box has a large hood that can be lifted and hence makes cleaning super easy.
  • It has a carbon filter that removes the odor completely and it is made from BPA-free material.
  • It may be hand washed with mild soap.
  • This economical litter box is easy to assemble and can be done in just a few steps.
  • The users are very satisfied as they say that this best litter box for picky cats retain the litter completely and removes the odor.
  • The the door flap is not easy to open.

4. AmazonBasics- Most Economical

best cat litter boxes for odor controlAbout The Product

This covered litter box is no mess hooded litter boxes that are available in various sizes. It is very effective in odor control and management of litter scatter. Easy to assemble and super convenient to clean, this litter box is a perfect solution for anyone who loves his cat but very much troubled about the mess of cat litter and does not know what to do with the odor of the cat litter.

Main Features:

  • This is the cheap litter box that is hooded to provide privacy to your favorite pet.
  • The door of this covered litter box makes in and out the movement of your cat super easy.
  • The cover can be lifted off for easy cleaning.
  • It is made from superior grade plastic made resistant to odor and stain.
  • The litter box has a top handle and it is portable enough to be carried anywhere.
  • It has a replaceable carbon filter that minimizes odor.
  • The owners are satisfied as it effectively controls odor
  • Sometimes the cat pees in the crack and litter scoop cannot remove it.

Final Verdict

The cats are an adorable animal who loves you with a deep attachment as you love your favorite pet. But the cat litter smell is a problem that every owner faces, hence feline owners are always on the lookout for a litter box that would be the perfect answer to their quest for odor control and litter management. The above-mentioned products are specifically designed to respond to this urgent need of cat owners. With hooded style and replaceable carbon filters, these quality litter boxes considerably reduce odor. You can check more reviews of self cleaning cat litter box for large cats here.

Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control FAQs

1. What’s the best cat litter box for odor control? 

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System

Purina Tidy is the best cat litter box for odor control. It delivers excellent odor control and at the same time gives your cat the privacy it desires. The convenient hood hides the cat from sight while using the litter box and the hinged design provides easy access when changing the litter.

The system comes with dehydrating pellets, that minimize tracking and dehydrate solid waste. The disposable pads absorb urine hence reduce odor spreading for up to one week for each cat. The pellets separate urine from solid waste to assisting odors.

The slide-out drawer gives access to the pads for easy replacement. Purina all-in-one litter system satisfies the odor control needed and provides the cat with a private space. The Purina Tidy cats breeze is affordable and costs less than $55.


  • Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Hooded Cat Litter System comes with a covered design for extra privacy.
  • The easy-open hinged hood allows quick and easy cleaning
  • The ammonia Blocker in the litter box guarantees ample prevention of ammonia odor spread for at least seven days for one cat


  • The Pellet system separates urine and solids hence controls the odors
  • The disposable pads absorb urine and control odor for a week for one cat
  • The litter box is smart and has a simple design
  • This best cat litter box for odor control has outstanding odor control, with easy simple cleanup
  • It comes with an anti-tracking, dehydrating Breeze pellets
  • Super-absorbent pads eliminate ammonia odor for up to 7 days


  • Your cat might die from the ingestion of the breeze pallets which are not dissolvable in the stomach leading to blockage the gradual death.
  • After some time, the broken pellets get stuck on the flow-through the tray
  • The pellets are hard, bulky, and not foot-friendly
  • These litter boxes come only in one small size-there should be bigger

2. How do you keep a litter box from smelling?

Cats like to stay in a clean environment but their litter smells which is quite natural. To solve the problem, litter boxes are available in the market that effectively controls the odor by filters of charcoal.

3. How do I keep my house from smelling like a cat? Cats bear a particular smell because of certain chemicals that are secreted from their body. That smell sometimes spreads in the surroundings creating a lot of inconvenience for the owner. By choosing the right litter box this smell can be effectively controlled.

4. Do cats prefer open or closed litter boxes? Litter boxes are available in the market of two types, that are open or closed litter boxes. Cats get acclimatized to both varieties but it is advisable to buy a closed one because it keeps the surrounding clean and effectively controls the odor.

5. Why does my cat’s litter box smell so strong?

It is usually the norm to buy a closed litter box as it effectively controls the odor. But despite being a closed one the odor is sometimes very strong. This is due to the growth of certain bacteria inside the litter box that thrives on cat shit.

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