Can Cats Have Almond Milk? Know An Interesting Fact


Cats can be very moody when it comes to eating. You will find that one day they are eating properly while on other days they are simply refusing to have anything to eat. It takes some time for your favorite pet to get used to a particular type of food. On the first days, it might refuse to take flavored milk. With a few days of persistent trying, you will find that it actually likes that flavored milk. Actually, like all sentient animals, cats too go through different emotional cycles and therefore it reflects on their day to day behavior.

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Dietary Habit of Cats

Cats belong to the same genus as its big sized wild variety, and they have evolved from the carnivorous ancestors. Hence their principal dietary habits revolve around protein-rich food like meat, fish, and milk. Due to their long-standing habituation of staying with humans, they had also got used to having cereals and food grains, but it is advisable not to give too many cereals, as the cat’s digestive system cannot properly assimilate too much of rice or bread type of food.

Hence when you are planning for a diet chart for your furry friend, don’t forget to include meat and milk, and if possible, you can give fish to the cat. Usually, cats like milk and cow milk or almond milk are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. For energy, you can give a small serving of cereals. These food regimens would keep your cat healthy and agile and they would suffer fewer mood swings if a variety is added so that you do not offer the same menu each and every day.

Cats Can Have Almond Milk

If you are considering giving almond milk to your favorite pet, you should keep certain points in mind. It may be noted that although there is nothing in the almond milk that is lethal or toxic for the cats, at the same time the digestive system of cats does not produce enough lactase enzyme which is necessary for healthy digestion. Too much milk or almond milk can cause tummy ache for your cat and it leads to depressive episodes. It is therefore advisable to try the almond milk with caution. Initially, you should give a small amount and then observe whether your cat is liking it or whether it is causing tummy ache, which you can discern by its mood swings and refusal to take food.


It may be noted here that high cream milk should it avoided as cats cannot digest a high degree of fats in full cow milk. Skimmed milk such as almond or soy milk is a suitable option. Once it gets acclimatized to almond milk and if it does not cause tummy aches and related problems in your cat, you can add the milk to its diet now and then. In case your cat doesn’t get used to almond milk, you can try Cat-sip which is a substitute specially designed for pets and are readily available in pet stores.

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