Can Cats Eat Peanuts? Know An Interesting Fact About Your Cat

Cats And Peanut Facts

Cats are adorable pets that make your household happy and contended. As it purrs around your feet and asks you to love and care for it, you would get a different satisfaction at knowing that you take care and feed an innocent and needy creature. In return, it gives you love and affection. In hard times, especially if you fall sick, you would observe that your pet stays close to you and are genuinely concerned about your well-being. It is, therefore, worth it to keep a cat in your household and take care of her.

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Do Cats Eat Peanuts?

Peanuts are usually not considered the ideal food for cats. Cat diets are usually rich in protein and fats and therefore most owners prefer to give fresh meat and liver to their adorable pets. Peanuts, however, contain the highest amount of protein amongst all nuts and it also contains a considerable amount of fats. Therefore, it can be offered to the cats in various processed forms, and most of the cats like it. It can provide them with a change from the regular meat or fish diet and above all, it is not harmful to the digestive system of the cats.

Eating Habit of Cats

We need to understand that domesticated cats have evolved from their feline ancestors whose main occupation was hunting the prey and are therefore carnivorous animals. Although the cats have been domesticated and have lost their ferocity or most of their hunting skills, they still prefer protein-rich food found in meat or fish, even protein-rich vegetarian food sources such as nuts. The cats primarily eat small animals like rodents, bugs, and birds. Hunting was such an integral part of their basic nature that even the house cats engage in hunting type of activities.

Diet Recommended By Vets

There is nothing wrong with providing your favorite pet with a stereotypical diet consisting of fresh meat, liver, or croquettes. Sometimes the cat is in a mood of mischief and refuses to take food that has been served in the same combination for many days. It is advisable not to pay attention to the refusal of your favorite pets if it is hungry. Further, if you sometimes provide your cat with a vegetarian diet, it is perfectly ok for the health and well-being of the cat. You can check the reviews of Self Cleaning Automatic Cat Litter Box here.

It may be mentioned here that, unlike dogs, the cats prefer to eat in small amounts several times a day, as was the habit of their ancestors who used to hunt and prey upon small animals throughout the day and therefore had food in small amounts in regular intervals.  Here is one point to be mentioned, that although cats are agile animals and can live without food for long intervals, they cannot survive long without water.


While offering peanuts to your cat, you must remember that the tough outer shell is not digested by the cat and should never be given. While you give peanuts to your favorite pet, offer it in very small amounts in diced or chopped form which will be easier to chew and digest. The cats would eventually love their peanut meal.

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