Hacks For Camping With Dogs Gear In A Tent

Are You Planning For Camping With A Dog In A Tent?

There is no better experience during summer vacations than enjoying camping with your family and your dog. The best way to do so is under a starry night. Further, it is also the best way to be outdoor and get good exercise. But at the same time, you also need to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet when you are in the wilderness. This is not possible without adequate preparation or when you carry the wrong equipment. When you go camping with your dog in a tent, these are the recommendations that you need to keep in mind.

Camping With Dogs Hacks

The first preparation you need to make is to choose a suitable tent for your dog. As the tent offers safety and comfort, you need to choose a tent based on its size. For example, when you are choosing a tent, you need to consider your pet as an extra person. Although you can squeeze your dog in a one-person tent, choosing a two-person tent would keep both of you in comfort. All you have to do is to purchase a lightweight tent.

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Camping With Dogs Gear

Camping With Dog Gears
Camping With Dog Gears

However, you need to prepare your dog for camping at home before going on summer vacation; you can do this by practicing it in your backyard with your dog. All you have to do is to set up a tent at home and stay there for one hour with your dog every day for a week. It will enable your dog to get used to the tent and decide that the side he or she is going to sleep. Further, your dog can also get used to going out when he needs to come back.

Another aspect of camping with a dog in a tent is to trim the dog’s nails before going on this adventure. With this precaution, you can protect the sleeping pad as well as the tent floor from his claws. For preventing this issue, you also need to bring an extra blanket or tarp for the interiors of the tent. By placing it under the pad and sleeping bag, you can protect them from sharp nails.

You have read these handy tips for camping with a dog in the summer season.

Camping With Multiple Dogs

Camping with multiple dogs means that you need double camping dog gears. So be prepared will all your camping gear, make sure that you have sufficient dog food. As multiple dogs mean that you need double the amount of food for them.

An essential thing that you need to do is when going on camping with your dog is to pack sufficient supplies for your dog in your camp gear. It should include sufficient food, plenty of treats, a dog’s sleeping bag, a light collar, and the canine first-aid kit. Further, it should also include dog boots, socks, and a sweater if you are going to camp in open or near mountains. Also, you need to keep a picture of your dog, a copy of his or her medical records, the contact details of the vet, and so on in the case, your dog gets lost or gets sick.

Additionally, you need to stay organized and pick up the leftovers after your dog mainly because you need to keep these beautiful places pristine as it was when you visited it. After cleaning, you need to bury them far from water sources and trails. If you are staying in a campground or are hiking in a popular trail, you need to bring baggies and pack them.

When you go camping with your best friend, you need to watch out for different hazards, that range from ticks and fleas, to regional hazards, such as the steep cliffs, noxious plants, poisonous snakes, porcupines, and other wild animals. Further, you also need to check the regional climate and weather you would experience during camping. Not only that, if you are staying in a campground, you also need to check their rules and regulations related to pets and inform them about the pet’s arrival.


Your dog may be anxious when you take him to summer camping and act weirdly, such as barking, frantically chewing through the tent wall, or digging. You need to find solutions to this issue and you can do this by teaching him various commands such as going to bed to soothe his anxiety.  Camping with your dog in a tent is an exhilarating experience, but before going on this adventure, keeping these aforementioned points in your mind will ensure the comfort and safety of your dog and make it a memorable experience.

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