Handy Tips For Camping With A Dog In All Seasons

Camping With A Dog In Summers

Camping in summer is fun as it is a time when you breathe fresh air, commune with nature, and bond with your family in a stress-free environment. However, you may face an issue when you own a dog. One solution in this context would be to leave your dog in a kennel, or you can also opt for pet-sitting. But it becomes more fun when your pet accompanies you and your family when you go camping in summer.  However, you need to do some preparations when you are taking your dog for camping; it includes camping gear specifically designed for your pet. This article points out some essential things that you need to pack before setting out and enjoying the adventure with your canine buddy.

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For A Sound Sleep In a Tent With A Dog

The first requirement is accommodation in a tent. In this context, you need to arrange accommodation for an extra person regardless of the size of the dog. With space to sleep, your dog would remain safe and comfortable. It would also keep you comfortable while sleeping. Further, you also need to bring a blanket or sheet so that you can spread out on the floor. The sheet may save the tent as well as the floor from your dog’s claws. It would also keep the dirt or grass off the claws of your dog.

Enjoying a night outdoors with your dog is an amazing experience altogether. But one thing you need to understand is that your dog enjoys sleeping in a soft and cozy place. So, you need to ensure his comfort with a good sleeping bag or dog bed that is specifically designed for this purpose. Also, these bags should be lightweight as you would be carrying them in your camping gear. As they are water-resistant and durable, your dog enjoys camping with you in comfort. You can also take an inflatable sleeping pad for your dog as it is very comfortable.

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Things You Need While Camping With A Dog

When you visit a pet-friendly campground for summer camping, most of them require that the dogs should be on a leash all the time. So, you also need to take a zip line that would offer him some freedom while keeping him leashed safely and comfortably at the campsite. By keeping him on the leash, you can also get free time to do various activities such as cooking and fishing.

For Hiking With A Dog 

When hiking on pet-friendly trails, you also need a backpack where you can keep some items required by your dog, such as his supplies. The best thing you can do is to purchase a backpack that your pet can carry. It offers him a sense of getting a task and importance in his pack.

Ideal Food For Dogs While Camping

Food For Dog At Camp
Food For Dog At Camp

Some necessary items that you require when you go camping with your dog are food and a bowl. As you cannot carry a whole bag of dog food, you can take the kibble carrier when you travel with your dog. The kibble carrier can be described as a roll-top dry bag and various types of containers specifically designed for the transportation of dog food.

You can also pack dog food in a clear plastic bin as they stack well and can be organized in the car. Further, you also need to leave ceramic food dishes at home and carry unbreakable metal or plastic dishes with you. For your convenience, the bowl should be manufactured from a collapsible, flexible material that is easy to pack or carry in your backpack.

First Aid Kit Is A Must

In addition to these essential items, some other items that you need to pack in your camp gear include first aid kit for your dog, treats, waste bags, dog boots, and lighting items. The medical kit should include the medical records of your pet, some medications such as Benadryl and hydrogen, as well as the contact information of your pet. You should also carry a picture of your pet in the camping gear.


Summer camping with your dog always adds another dimension to your fun. However, to increase the quality of this experience, you need to safeguard the comfort and safety of your dog. Hence you need to ensure that you have everything in your camping gear your dog could possibly need during this time.

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