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The 8 Best Outdoor Dog Houses For Large Dogs 2022

Best Outdoor Dog Houses For Large Dogs Reviewed 2021

As opposed to staying indoors, dogs feel more liberated outdoors as they can play around without messing up your drawing room or being scolded. Besides, dogs stay healthier when outdoors with all the sunshine and fresh air. Hence if it’s feasible, you should always have an outdoor dog house.

There are a number of reliable brands that sell outdoor dog houses. What’s more, these dog houses are available in various sizes to suit the small, medium, or large size breeds. Dog houses not only protect your furry family member from the harsh extremities of the weather outside, but they also are sturdy, look elegant, and offer a good deal of security for your dog as well.

Check out the dog house size guide here.

Suncast Attractive Dog House 

Best Plastic Dog Houses
Best Outdoor Plastic Dog House

If you are looking for an attractive outdoor plastic dog house, the Suncast dog house is the perfect piece for your backyard. The modern design made by Suncast is so appealing that it complements your backyard or the patio. This beast has the capacity to stand still during extreme weather conditions in the outdoors.


Indigo Microban- Outside Dog House For All Seasons Under 150

Best Summer And Winter Dog Houses
Best Summer And Winter Dog Houses

About The Product

This dog house is made of heavy-duty construction so that it keeps your pet cool in summer and warm during winter. The perfect roof ventilation system is scientifically designed that helps in the free circulation of fresh air and prevent any odor from staying inside.

Moreover, with this product, Petmate Indigo Door and Petmate Indigo Pad are available separately which will make your favorite pet super comfortable and safe inside.

Main Features

This outside dog house is very sturdy and spacious enough to provide comfort and privacy all year-round. This dog house looks like an igloo with extended doorways that prevents rain or harsh wind from entering inside the house. The raised floor is equipped with a side moat that would drain all the extra moisture and keep the igloo dog house dry even during heavy rain.

This dog house is well ventilated that circulates fresh air inside. Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection is a specially designed technology that prevents the growth of stains or odor-causing bacteria. The pet house is available in small, medium, and extra-large sizes so that it can accommodate pets weighing up to 90 to 125 lbs.

  • It is beautifully designed and looks very cute.
  • Made from heavy-duty material that lasts for years.
  • The extended doorway prevents rain or snow to enter the house.
  • Some buyers complained that the package they received is loaded with stickers and looks tacky.
  • Some users complained that it has no insulation for winters

Suncast – Top Rated Dog House For Large Breeds Under 100

Best Outside Dog House For Large Dogs
Best Outside Dog House For Large Dogs

About The Product

This outdoor dog house comes in various sizes so that it can accommodate small to larger sized dogs. It is water-resistant and very attractive looking and hence it would not disturb the balance and beauty of your courtyard.

It is made from a hardened plastic which is very durable and resists fading, rust and rot. It is very easy to set up these soft dog houses as you would not require any tools to assemble the product once it is delivered at your doorstep.

Main Features:

It is very attractive looking with an average size 35” X 27 “X 29.5″. It is built keeping in mind the decor of your courtyard or backyard so that it beautifully complements the furniture and settings that you have so thoughtfully placed there.

It is made from heavy-duty resins with a crowned floor so that your pet remains cozily ensconced protected from the elements. These soft dog houses are built to last for years without their colors fading, or eaten by the pests, damaged by the rust, etc.

  • The buyers are very satisfied as it looks very elegant and colors do not fade even in harshest rain or sun.
  • It’s ideal for backyards
  • It’s perfect for large dog breeds
  • Some buyers opinioned that it is not for the dogs who have a habit of chewing.
  • Some buyers don’t like the extremely thin plastic material

ARF Frame-  Outside Pet House For Snowy Weather Under 200

Wooden Dog House For Snow
Wooden Dog House For Snow

About The Product

This art framed dog house adorned with a dark frame that is made from real and durable wood. It provided your pet with a comfortable habitat especially those breeds that prefer a close-fitting habitat.

If your dog requires a more spacious room, you can opt for a larger size. It is very easy to assemble, durable and affordable product which nicely fits into the category of outdoor pet house.

Main Features:

This easy to assemble, a wooden dog house is very strong and durable and lasts for years to come. It is made from white cedar or stained whitewood which is renowned for strong fresh aroma, pest resistant, and very elegant looking.

The assembling is very easy as it does not require any tool and can be completed by 25 minutes until your pet has its niche. It has a raised floor and is a naturally weather-resistant quality which makes this outdoor pet house very comfortable to live in. It has sheet lined inner room which is a natural insulating material. You can check more reviews for the best insulated dog house for winters here.

  • The buyers are very happy with this product as this strong wood house looks very beautiful and durable at the same time.
  • It provides a comfortable habitat for your favorite pet.
  • It is extremely affordable as it comes at a competitive price
  • Some buyers complained that cleaning is a problem.
  • The product is extremely lightweight, which becomes an issue, according to some

Merry- Wooden Dog House For Extra Large Dogs Under 500

Best Dog House For Large Breeds
Best Dog House For Large Breeds

About The Product

This extra-large solid wood dog house is good for big dogs and you can consider it for two dogs. It is spacious enough to accommodate two medium-sized dogs or one large breed of dog. It has two-door and the house can be partitioned from inside so that if you own multiple dogs, each one will enjoy their own space and privacy to play and relax at will.

The dog bed has raised bottom and endowed with natural insulation which will keep your favorite pet comfortable and dry protected from high wind or rain.

Main Features:

It is a large dog kennel that is large enough to become the home of multiple dogs or one large breed of dog It is finely crafted from solid wood which is extremely hard and durable and meant to last for years. This climate-controlled dog house has natural insulation that keeps your dog warm even in places experiencing the harshest winter.

It is also suitable for places which experience a hot summer. Above all one does rare finds such as climate-controlled dog house which is solid and extra spacious at the same time.

  • The owners of the large breed of dog are extremely happy as they had been finally able to find a product that addresses their specific needs.
  • A removable roof and floor panel makes cleaning done very conveniently.
  • The solid wooden design is liked by most buyers.
  • Some buyers complained that the house becomes hot inside during summer.
  • The roof doesn’t last for a long time, as per some users.

Petmate Precision Extreme- Top Rated Waterproof Dog House 

Best Climate Controlled Dog House
Best Climate Controlled Dog House

About The Product

This extreme outback log cabin is an extra-large dog house meant for multiple dogs or one single large dog. It is a cabin style dog house that protects your favorite pet from the elements and its natural insulating material ideal for accommodation in places experiencing extreme weather conditions.

Main Features:

This waterproof dog house is specially built keeping in mind the owners who have a larger breed of dogs. The house is sealed with protective coating; its raised floor and slanted asphalt roof protect from the harshest of weather and keeps the inside of the cabin comfortable and dry. It has an offset door that will protect your pet from rain or high wind.

It is made from solid wood and stainless-steel hardware which is extremely sturdy and durable and above all best suited to be set up outdoor, preferably at your courtyard or backyard. Along with the house, a variety of heavy-duty products are offered such as traditional travel carriers, playpens, wire training, and many more.

  • It is extremely sturdy and ideal for larger breeds of dog who needs more space to rest and play.
  • It can be assembled in three easy steps without the aid of any sophisticated tools.
  • It looks very elegant, according to many buyers
  • The elevated floor with an offset door was an excellent feature, according to some buyers.
  • Some readers complained that it fell apart barely after three months.
  • Some buyers believe it’s not rainproof.

Pet Squeak Doggy Den- Fancy Dog House For Puppies 

Best Facny Dog House
Best Fancy Dog House

 About The Product

Every dog looks for a niche of its own where it can play, relax, and sleep comfortably. As we know that you love your pet and want to provide the most comfortable dog house, so this dog house would be a perfect choice. Although it has a closing door, your dog would rather prefer to keep it open using the hook attachment.

It is ideally meant for small to medium-sized dogs where your pet would simply love to spend its time, relaxing or playing by itself.

Main Features:

This plastic dog house is very strong and durable and crafted to last for years. Its external dimension is inclusive of the overhanging roof. It is very lightweight and yet it would not blow up even in places with strong wind. It has a fresh aroma that resists any odor from building up inside the house.

The setting up of this dog house is very easy without the aid of any tools and can be done in just a few steps and would take barely 20-45 minutes. The plastic dog house is available in four sizes suitable for puppies to large breed of dogs.

  • The buyers are very happy with this product as the colors do not fade even if exposed to the elements for years to come.
  • It is highly insulated and keeps the pet comfortable throughout the year.
  • It’s great for medium-sized dogs
  • Its weather-resistant
  • Some buyers complained that they had received a damaged product.
  • The door sometimes gets jammed, as per some buyers.

PetsFit – Best Selling Outdoor Dog House

About The Product

Best Heated Outdoor Dog House
Best Heated Outdoor Dog House

This wooden dog house is made from natural cedar which is a strong and durable and natural insulating material. It is ideal for small and medium-sized dogs who love the privacy of their own.

The paint used is water-based, non-toxic paint and therefore if your pet has a habit of licking the walls of the house, it would not imbibe any harmful chemical thereby. These fancy dog houses look very cute and it goes in very well with the entire ambiance of your house.

Main Features:

It comes in two colors, namely wine red and white trim. Its off-center entrance has a double advantage that it provides more room for your dog and space for turning around. It comes in various sizes: the small ones are ideal for small dogs while the larger ones are suitable for medium-sized dogs. These fancy dog houses are very easy to set up and can be finished with just about a few steps.

  • Most of the buyers are very happy with the product as it looks so cute and durable at the same time.
  • The dog house is treated with water-based paint and hence it is harmless.
  • The dog house has plenty of room
  • The finish with dyed wood has been appreciated by many users
  • Some buyers warn that you should be careful about the size and inner dimensions of the house if your pet is of medium-sized.
  • The floor and wood design are lousy, according to some users.

Giantex- Wooden Pet Dog House With Stairs 

Wooden Dog House With Stairs
Wooden Dog House With Stairs

About The Product

This dog house is specially crafted with a wooden dog room shelter with stairs, a balcony and raised roof is a finely crafted dog house that would seem like a palace for your favorite pet. It is made from fir wood which is extremely sturdy and long-lasting which can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

You can rest assured that this dog shelter would offer a premium quality comfortable home for your dog and a reliable shelter outdoor. It is so finely crafted and looks so cute that it would perfectly match in with the furniture you have so thoughtfully set up at your courtyard.

Main Features:

This extra-large dog house is made from the sturdiest fur wood that looks elegant and meant to last for years to come. This is a two-storied pet house with a climbable stair, balcony with a railing provides your pet space enough to play, relax, sleep, or even sunbathe at the comfort of their own home. Its water-resistant, weatherproof water-based paint is ideal for outdoor use.

  • The woodwork is finely crafted and lasts for years.
  • The paint is non-toxic and therefore it would not harm your pet even if it licks the walls of the house.
  • Cleaning the house is very easy for this extra-large dog house as the balcony can be removed.
  • It smells and looks like it’s made of cedar wood.
  • The buyers warn to have a close look at the parts before starting to assemble.
  • Some buyers believe it’s not meant for the outdoors.


Outdoor Dog Houses Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dog house for the outdoors?

While you are considering buying the best dog house for outdoors, there are certain points you have to take into account. The dog house has to be weather resistant and spacious and can withstand extreme weather conditions. We would suggest Suncast- Top rated Dog house for large breeds.

What is the best dog house for cold weather?

If you stay at a place that experiences harsh winter, you have to buy a dog house that would keep your dog warm and cozy even in the harshest winter. We would recommend PetsFit- Best-selling Outdoor Dog House as the best match for cold weather.

 What is the best dog house for hot weather?

If you stay at a place that experiences a very hot summer, you have to make sure that your pet remains cool indoors the dog house which has insulated walls. I would recommend Petmate Precision extreme for places having extreme summer. You can check out the best outdoor dog tent beds here.

How do you weatherproof a dog house?

The outdoor dog houses need to be weatherproofed, otherwise, it cannot withstand the elements. It has to made of materials like resin and seasoned wood so that if it rains or snows, the dog house would remain unaffected.

 What is the best material for a dog house?

Dog houses are made from different types of material. Some are manufactured from synthetic resin while others are made from seasoned wood. For outdoor dog houses, synthetic resin is the best material as it can be made very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

 How do I choose a dog house?

While choosing the right dog house for your pet, you have to see whether it is insulated or not. You have to make sure that it is made from durable material and spacious enough for your dog to be comfortable inside.

 How big should a dog house be for a golden retriever?

The golden retriever is s medium-sized dog and if you have one, you should consider buying dog houses for larger breeds. It will provide enough room for your pet so that it remains cozy and comfortable inside.

Do huskies like dog houses?

Huskies are an adorable breed that can be trained very easily. Even if initially they don’t seem to get inside a dog house, with a few days of training they get acclimatized to it so that huskies do not create a problem later on.

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